Feature request - RAW+Jpeg file functions as one unit

Any interest for file functions (move, delete) to treat RAW, Jpegs with the same name as one file?
"Aperture had solved the RAW+JPEG problem more than a decade ago. When importing such a pair, it would be treated as a single image and any metadata changes, file renaming, or filing/moving around would automatically apply to both. By default, all adjustments would either be based on the JPEG or the RAW (depending on a preference setting), but you could always switch between the RAW and the JPEG for any image at any time."

Dear Sir:

this is already implemented in FRV since version 1.0: file operations (copy, move, move to rejected) operates on all files in set (RAW, +JPEG, +.XMP sidecar, +.ORI file for Olympus high-res mode).

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Fantastic, I originally overlooked it.  Maybe something on the Features page?

No chance to describe every FRV feature on any small enough page, our manual is ~200 pages long

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