Unclear about best value for full-frame "Unexposure Detection Limit"

FRV 0.9.3 newbie
On page 29 of the user's manual, there is the statement:
> "8EV is a default value for the "camera dynamic range", you can change it to the value you prefer through Preferences - Image Display - Underexposure detection limit.
I have a Canon 6d full-frame camera. Is the 8 EV default the appropriate value to use?  Would a value closer to the DxoMark value be appropriate? Or does it not really matter?
How about a Canon Rebel T3i with 18 mpix sensor? How about a Nikon One J1 10 mpix sensor?

Dear Allan,

DxO states engeneering dynamic range, which is when signal is equal to noise. Photographic dynamic range starts 3 to 4 stops higher. That is, if DxO number is 14, photographically for normal size prints 10 stops would be more or less realistic. However the last 2 stops will be damaged by flare, exhibiting skewed white balance and poor contrast. That is why we have 8 stops at default. Still, on low ISO 10 to 11 stops are workable if the camera and the lens are high end.

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