Photos don't seem to be sharp in FRV

I've compared photos as displayed in Capture One with the same photo in FRV.  My images displady in FRV look blurred - see attached 100% crops. 
To me, it's essential that the right parts of a photo is in focus - if I can't see that, not sure how I can select keepers.  And according to the focus peaking, everything is in focus... only it's not.
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Dear Sir:

1st: Common raw processors (Lightroom, ACR, Capture One) apply sharpening on image with default settings (and in some cases, even if sharpening set to mininmal level). In FRV we implemented screen sharpening for that (switched via 'S' key with default shortcuts set, tuning in Preferences - Image display - Screen sharpening).

By default this sharpening is Off (we guess, that for initial culling it is better to see RAW file as is without artificial sharpening),  but you can turn it to 'last used' state by Preferences - Interface - restore last view settings checkbox (it will also recall all other View menu settings, such as single channel view, boost shadows, etc).

2nd: Raw processing is always balance between speed and quality (acutance). In current FRV versions this balance is shifted to 'maximum speed' values. For FRV 1.5 we plan to provide better looking (but slower) demosaic method (as an option).



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you for your response. I've edited my post as it was too harsh.
Screen sharpening makes little difference.  Perhaps others are more concerned with exposure, but I need to see focus.
 I'll wait until v1.5 and test again.

I find that switching to the embedded jpeg image provides what I need to check for critical focus.  I have modified the defaults so that I can hit the J key switch between the embedded jpeg and raw display.  I can quickly check exposure and see where the image is over or underexposed, then hit J and check focus.  You may want to modify the jpeg settings in your cameras to produce the jpeg file you want to see when culling images with FRV.  Works well for me.  

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