Planned, but not in nearby minor updates.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Glad to hear it is on the roadmap. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the information.

Still on the roadmap?

Lack of it is the main reason I hesitate to buy the software.

Please, please add keywords or some type of category support. I can't make a switch to FRV without it. It is a tool I use regularly for sorting/finding images.

+1 to this. I just started using FRV, taking it for granted that any culling software would support Keywords or some other means of assigning groups to caregories (searching for strings in description) and I was surprised to find that this feature seems to be missing. I came to the forum to find out whether I had missed something, but it seems I have not. Otherwise it seems excellent and well thought through.

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