ShiftClick SelectionMode

Good day.
How do I change the ShiftClickSelectionMode parameter? 
I see 00000000 in "ShiftClickSelectionModeDefault.reg" and I can usre Notepad to make a change but how do intrerperate the instructions on page 156 in the PDF manual?  I want a group select (Shift Click) to:
Bit 0: (0) - The second limit for the Shift-Click's range will be 'last Ctrl-Clicked', irrespective of whether the action was "selection" or "de-selection"
Bit 1: (2) - The second limit for the range will be the current file if it wasn't Shift-Clicked (if it was, then it will again be the first file in the current folder)
Bit 2: (4) - Shift-Click always expands the selection, never de-selecting previous selections.
Thanks.   Cal

Dear Sir:

The setting you are looking for is 00000110 (bits 1 and 2 containing '1')

Correction: the .reg files are in hex numbers, not in binary. So 000110(binary) is 6(hex)


Thanks. My binary math is weak but I see how this works.

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