Quality of ARW render...

Me again, now im completely at lost...

What magic FRV is using to display Sony ARW raws? Picture looks almost ready to use, when in LIghtroom its mushy and dull...
Clean ARW in FRV:

Now clean in LR, now import settings:

Dull and ugly, but the fun part, LR after mayor calibration (without HSL yet) - skin is still nowhere close to FRV:

I really do know LR. I thought i do. But those files left me clueless. 
WB/Tint are different here and there when set to "as shot" Its minor, but when set exactly the same they are waaay diferent in looks.
screenshot w sRGB profile added in PS:

screenshot w AdobeRGB profile added in PS:

Only screenshot with AdobeRGB profile looks on mine screen same as FRV.

Dear Sir:

In FastRawViewer we use custom-made colour transforms for cameras. You can try custom-profiling your camera for Lightroom.

Hmm, now i see another problem.
Screenshot i took from FRV is way different then image on screen, night and day.
I've set color manegement for my monitor profile, it doesnt lok oversaturated (like for not menaged files with aRGB), but way crispier and contrasty then this screenshot...

I know i can color profile my LR, thing is, i dont know how to get that colors, propably HSL + color calibration, but it seems a little over kill for just plain import calibration...

Dear Sir:

Screenshots look correctly in a colour-managed image viewer / editor when monitor profile is embedded into the screenshot file, or assigned on file open. To present screenshots on internet you can first convert them from your monitor profile to sRGB. Embedding profiles, even if it is an sRGB one, is always a good practice.

I've added to screenshots in first post. One with added sRGB and second with AdobeRGB profiles added in PS.
Only the latter looks perfectly the same as photo opened in FRV - good saturation overall.
I can mimic this look in LR, byt it took hard calibration, HSL changes and most of the basic adjusters changes. Quite a lot.

Dear Sir:

I think we have different things in mind speaking of Lightroom when I say "You can try custom-profiling your camera for Lightroom" I mean that you can create your own DCP profiles; for example, get a free 14-day trial of basICColor input 5 https://www.basiccolor.de/basiccolor-input-5-en and create profiles for Lightroom for your camera.

Embedding arbitrary profiles in not a good solution for screenshots, you need to start by embedding or assigning your monitor profile. You can still get "Color Management for Photographers: Hands on Techniques for Photoshop Users" (ISBN-10: 0240806492) and "Real World Color Management" (ISBN-10: 0321267222) for cheap.

I know what You mean, i've done tens of those dual-light profiles using Adobe Profiler. It works great, most of the time.
But here i wanted to omit those, because FRV doesnt use those custom profiles. I wanted to know where are differences from. And how to adjust both programs similarly.

As for arbitrary profiles, I've spelled Adobe RGB for easy of conversation, in fact i've used 100cd gamma 2.2, 6500K, adobergb, CIE1968 profile created by proffesional colorist during calibration of wokrspace ;)

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