Thank you for this great program

I still can't believe how good FastRawViewer is. 
This is the first DAM program that immediately meets all my expectations and needs.
It's really perfect, nothing to complain about, it even exceeds my expectations.
And I thought I'd tried all the free and commercial programs on the market. 
Be it Lightroom, Capture One, Exposure, Bridge, Silkypix, Exif Pro (the best so far) and what they're all called. My computer is full of them because no software could cover all my needs.
(I'm not uninstalling these programs now because some of them have other purposes, such as "editing photos").
Why is it perfect?
- It's incredibly fast without roaring the fans. Only ExifPro can keep up with it
- the surface can be completely customized 
- customizable shortkeys
- Autoexposure for Raws (I have to photograph a lot of isoless in halls and therefore a lot of pictures are underexposed)
- XMP Format for Rating
- inexpensive
- will be developed further, although I don't know what I'm still missing, maybe a zoom by mouse wheel 
The only thing that makes me unhappy is that I haven't discovered this program before. It makes my work a lot easier.
Thank you very much!

zoom by mouse wheel is there.
goto file > Customize > keyboard shortcuts.
click: zoom in and scroll mousewheel
click: zoom out and scroll mousewheel

Dear Sir:

Thank you for the kind words.

Just to let you know:

 - standard mouse-wheel zoom is Shift+MouseWheel

 - you may redefine it using Keyboard shortcut editor to Mouse Wheel w/o modifiers (Open Menu - Customize - Keyboard shortcuts, open  Zoom-Pan section and add or change shortcuts for Zoom In/Zoom Out).



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

That's easy! I just overlooked it, just everything available. Marvelous :-)

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