Propagate custom Preferences and settings

Having setup FRV on my desktop, is there an easy way to transfer all my settings to my laptop?
PS. I would also like to copy/transfer any cusomization of Shortcut keys that have been changed.

On Windows: Use "C:\Program Files\LibRaw\FastRawViewer\scripts\BackupSettings.cmd" script.

It will create FRV-backup folder in your Documents with 3 .reg files in it (Preferences, Shortcuts, and LastUsed settings: window position, etc).

Transfer these files (or only Preferences and Shortcuts) to your target PC and double-click on these files in Explorer. This double clicks will launch Windows Regsitry Editor, say yes two times to import FRV settings into Registry.

On Mac:

All settings are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer.plist file

Transfer it to target Mac, reboot (to ensure settings are not cached in macOS), then re-activate FastRawViewer using your License Key.

To transfer Shortcuts only you may use  Menu - File - Customize - Keyboard Shortcuts,  then Export button on source machine, and same dialog/Load button on target computer.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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