EXIF misidentify? FRV 1.4.8

Lumix P20mm lens on Olympus EM10-ii
FRV EXIF identify: incorrect
EasyHDR identify: correct

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EasyHDR uses LensFun DB AFAIK.

Could you please provide raw file sample? Upload it somewhere (dropbox, google, WeTransfer/free option, etc) and send link to support@fastrawviewer.com
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file uploaded via WeTransfer.
Note that "Lens" field and "Lens at" field contradict each other.  ("Lens" field is incorrect; "Lens at" is correct).
Lens is Lumix P20mm (common prime).  Again, body was Olympus.

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err, I guess the last was obvious since it's an ORF file. Sorry.

Dear Sir: Thank you, we've downloaded the file, we will look into this and get back to you, probably tomorrow.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your problem report.  There was a bug in LensID parsing procedure for some camera/lens combination (including Olympus cameras/Panasonic lens).

The problem is fixed in our latest 1.4.11-ReleaseCandidate build.

Could you please download version 1.4.11-1391 from our blog announce: https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-4-11-release-candidate (download links just updated in this blog post) and provide us w/ feedback?

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Issue is confirmed as resolved; thanks!

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