Additional file extensions to copy/move with file.

I would like to add .on1 to the files that are  to be copied/moved along with the main (raw) file of the given extension.
The manual states this;
"Additional file extensions to copy/move with file.  Allows one to list the additional file extensions of the files to be copied/moved along with the main (raw) file of the given extension.
Syntax: RAWext+AUXext, several such pairs can be listed, separated by spaces. If AUXExt starts with a dot, then the extension will be added to the end of the FILENAME.RAWext (FILENAME.RAWext.AUXExt); if it starts with a letter, then RAWext  will be replaced by AUXext, forming FILENAME.AUXExt.  An asterisk (*) can be indicated in place of RAWext, in this case, this will be applied  to all files.
Default: ORF+ORI *+.dop means: copy FILENAME.ORI along with FILENAME.ORF, and copy FILENAME.EXT.dop along with FILENAME.EXT (.dop is a DXO Photolab file containing metadata)"
The default of ORF+ORI *+.dop works but I aslo have .on1 files.
I have not been able to make sense of the instructions.
So how to add .on1? My RAW files are .CR2

Dear Sir:

  • If On1 RAW produces filename.on1 for filename.CR2 (raw extension is replaced by .ON1) use CR2+ON1 (or just *+ON1)
  • If On1 file is named filename.CR2.on1 (.ON1 is added to existing filename.ext), use CR2+.ON1 (or *+.ON1 to handle all possible RAW extensions).

Sorry, no ON1 Raw on my computer to test it myself.

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Thank you. *+ON1 worked.
So all I actually need is, *+.dop *+ON1
Example file names,  _MG_5633.CR2.dop and _MG_5633.on1
This is a convenient feature of FRV for those of us that like to keep folders tidy.

Thank you for clarification. Probably, we'll add *+ON1 to FastRawViewer defaults in new release.

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