can't reject

Just learning how to use FRV and I'm having the fundamental problem of not being about to reject an image. ie, I can't do the job of culling that I got it for.
As I couldn't see "reject" in the menus, I checked the keyboard shortcuts. There, under XMP Rating - Set rating to reject - it says "change disabled. b/c XMP Reject use is disabled"
Why is this, and what do I need to change to be able to cull my images?
I'm looking at files on my harddrive, not a memory card.

That'll be right! Searching for the answer for 30 mins, then ask the forum, then 2 minutes later figure it out!
So it's not XMP data I'm changing. I had to create and move the image to the rejects folder. Got it.
 Sorry for the nuissance.

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