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Evening All,
Not sure if this is a bug, or something I am doing wrong, so I'm posting in here first.  I've encountered a problem recently where I can't reject pictures as FRV will either say it was unable to created the '_Rejected' folder, or that it was unable to create temporary files.  The SD card is not write protected so I don't think that's the problem.  I've seen the former problem several times lately - in fact I'm struggling to think when it last worked.  The error about unable to create temporary files only happened today for the first time, in that instance there was already a _Rejected folder from the last time I used the card, and there were pictures in it.
I'm running Windows 10 and FRV version 1.5.0.  My SD card was not full and is in good health.  I'm also running FRV as administrator.
Any thoughts?

Dear Sir:

"Unable to create a temporary file" may mean still mean that there is no space on the device, or the device was disconnected for a moment.

Problems with _Rejected folder may be because of space, or because there name for rejected folder is blank (FastRawViewer Preferences - Copy / Move / Reject field). It is also possible that you've opted for global rejected folder, and the device is out of space or disconnected.

Could you please check the above conditions and e-mail to with any screenshots illustrating the problem.

Hi Al,
In case a solution was never found, I recently came across this behavior as well, identified the cause, and fixed it. I'm putting the solution here in case anyone else comes across this problem:
For reasons I forget, I added "+xmp" to the "Additional File Extensions to copy/move with file" field under Copy/Move/Reject. This causes the "Unable to create a temporary file" error. In my case, removing "+xmp" fixed the problem.

Thank you for the report. It looks like we need to add some (additional) checks to make sure that XMP files are not handled twice in copy-move.

Added to TODO list (for 1.7.2, too late to add something big to 1.7.1 release candidate)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

hello, for some reason, my rejected files are going to a folder where i hold business logos on my desktop, is there a way to change destination of rejected files?

Probably, you've turned on Preferences - File Operations - Use global rejected files folder and seleted wrong folder as destination?

If not: please contact us via, we'll instruct you how to turn debug logging to see what really happens.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I'm having the same issue on Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1. It started after the MAC OS update? is there an issue with this security update and Fastrawviewer and the move to rejected feature. Its the only reason i use the application.
My SSD has almost 1TB free space, Folder name is default and not blank, and i have not adjusted any settings on the Fastrawviewer preferences. Macbookpro M1 pro 16". if any of that info helps.

Worth mentioning my solution (bug find) to the casual google searcher:
Setting the Read Only flag on a file will cause this issue. This means that if you for instance mark a file as "protected" in-camera, you will get this error when trying to cull it from the SD card or after importing it. Took me 2 years until I understood exactly what caused it from the first time I saw this. Reported to FRW support today.

Read-only status on FAT32/exFAT media (SD card) is translated into macOS 'locked' status, not read-only.

This is described in FastRawViewer manual in more details:

I agree that this particular case can be handled with a more specific warning message.

If you want to ignore locked status please check the Preferences - File operations - Allow move/reject for locked files checkbox



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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