Show all the photos in all the folders inside the main folder

Hello, I enjoyed the software and I was going to buy it but just right now there was the need for showing all the photos that was inside all the folders of my Main work folder. I mean, want to see all the images of the subfolders of a folder. BUT, they dont show up! Its not possible to show all the images together? For me its not possible to click folder by folder to see the content... to buy the software, thats a must.
Please confirm! Thank you!

Dear Sir:

We are dealing with raw data, not with embedded JPEGs. Those are large chunks of data.

The nested structures can be very deep, nesting of 10 and more, and each subfolder can contain several hundreds if not thousands of shots. Many people have terabytes of raw files saved in nested folders. File systems are actually not very fast, especially when we need to monitor the changes. Such an option shall cause a dramatic decrease in speed.

Another reason why we don't do it is safety. Oftentimes people make copies of the same image in different subfolders of the same folder. Seeing several identical images with the same or even different names in the same grid/thumbnail might be confusing, and might cause mistakes in adjustments or ratings/labels applied as well as with move / copy / reject file operations.

I understand but in this case the folders have around 100 to 300 files each, its not too much. I will waste much more time checking folder by folder, its not possible for me, time is very important for me and thats why I am checking FASTRAWVIEWER, to SAVE time. Otherwise I will be saving time in one side but on the other I will be losing so I could just keep with Lightroom or Expression Media.
Is there any workaround? I really like the fast open of the files but I really must see more folders in just 1 time.

Hugoli is right. User should have the right to choose between 1-level and deep-level browsing. Of course when browsing tons (thousands and more files) might be cpu-demanding, but when dealing with 200-500 files... no problem at all. Just give an option to decide to recurse directories or not.
Regarding confusing names ? No problem - FastPictureViewer deals with it without fail, the current directory path is visible - any possible doubles still exist in separate directories.

Subfolder browse mode is (finally) implemented in FastRawViewer 1.6, now in beta:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

The Subfolder mode comes with some restictions. Perharps the most impairing (for me) are depth/folders/files limits and inability to move a file to Rejected.
Will it always be that way? Kinda kills the purpose :(

File/Folder count limits are adjustable (including turn-off) via Preferences - Special browse modes.

Depth limit is required because folder structure *may* be looped (via links) that will result in forever file list build.

Move file within subfolder tree being viewed  (e.g. in _Rejected) will not result in any visible change, so may be confusing, so disabled.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Yes, limits are adjustable, but only to some point. Problem is, with a really old collection I just don't know how many files are there. I probably am, as 100 folders is really not that much. So if the limit is hit, I will never know. Some message about this comes to my mind, but I am not sure it will be really useful.  
Depth limit -- understood. Personally I'd prefer 99 to current 9..   

About the _Rejected in subfolders mode. So, what is the recommended process, 2-pass? First mark pariahs somehow and then walk across the folders and move them for real?

You can turn off file/folder count limit by just unchecking corresponding checkbox in Preferences. If unchecked, than corresponding limit is not in use. Also, limit of limit is 1 million files and 10000 folders, looks more than enough for even very fast media (on slow media scaning of 10k folders may took lot of time).

Also, 1st item in Recurse Depth dropbox in folder scanning dialog is Unlimited (yes, operator blindness, do not see that when writing yesterday message), so in reality it is possible to turn all limits off (uncheck checkboxes in Preferences + Unlimited in scaning prompt). In case of loops in folder structure (due to links) scanning will took forever.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I just wanted to provide feedback to you all, this is the reason I purchased the application. I'm not in love with the implementation, having to open a specific folder in sub-folder mode each time, but it works. 
What this functionality allows me to do is have FRV provide the limited DAM funcitonality that I need so that I no longer need to rely on a separate program. I manage my images through my own folder structure, and use ratings / labels to organize them for larger "collections". Adobe Bridge / Lightroom, etc.. have "smart collections" which allow me to say create a collection based on the "yellow" label, across an entire set of folders (or in the case of LR, a catalog).
Now with sub-folder view in FRV, I can choose my parent level directory and then filter all folders / images under that for the "yellow" label. 
I would really love to see a "smart collection" / "smart search" / "virtual folder" kind of implementation for this functionality. I don't necessarily want to use it when browsing images if I could instead just setup a standard metadata search at a directory + sub-directory level and assign it to a shortcut/folder/link, etc..

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