ON1 exported tiff files not displaying - solved

I would like to use FRV to evaluate the exported output files of several photo processing apps. However, I am having a problem displaying On1 Photo Raw (2018.5) exported tiff files. Tiffs from Nik (original), DXO PL2 and Luminar display correctly - see attached file "FRV On1 tiff-1.jpg". See "FRV On1 tiff-2" for when I try to open an On1 tiff. The On1 tiff file does open correctly in XnviewMP and Windows photo viewer.
On1 claims there is nothing unusual about their tiff exports that would cause this. Is there something that can be done on the FRV side of things? Or, is there anything through your/a forum member's experience that may be causing this problem that I can get back to On1 about?
Thanks for any suggestions or fixes.

Dear Nicasol:

Please upload a sample TIFF to a file exchange service (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer are some of the free ones) and e-mail the link to support@fastrawviewer.com

Iliah/FRV team recommended installing FRV 1.5.4 (build 1551) and that solved the problem. Thanks.


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