Auto advance on move?

Hi there,
I can't seem to find any option to set auto advance when I move a file to Rejected or Selected folder via a keyboard shortcut.
Is there an option somewhere hidden? I searched the manual as well.
thank you,

Dear Sir:

Possibly we don't understand your question, but:

- when the file is moved (and that includes a move to Rejected and Selected folders), the only option is to advance automatically - as the file is not in the folder you are browsing anymore. 

When I press my keyboard shortcut to move a file to e.g. Selected, I can't use it again on the next photo until I select it ny moving a cursor right key. So the next photo is not selected by auto advance. I would like to see that I can press my shortcuts for Selected and Rejected repetitively.

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i would like to see the same function of AUTO ADVANCE as requested by etienne


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