Cull from Fujifilm X-H1 before import?

I'm on Windows 10, I can see my X-H1 peripheral in Windows File Explorer but it doesn't show in FRV. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to import my photos onto my HDD before I can start culling?

FastRawViewer requires 'Mass storage' interface (direct file access) to access files on camera.

If your camera do not have such mode (I'm not a Fujifilm user,so no camera on hands to check) and provides only PTP (or MTP) interface (picture transfer/multmedia transfer), you need to use some other software (e.g. Windows Explorer, or other MTP/PTP capable transfer software) to transfer files on your hard drive.

Gotcha. Thank you for the quick reply! There is an option to plug in the camera and use it as USB Card Reader. That allows browsing into the camera with Windows Explorer.

In 'Mass storage' mode, Windows will assign some drive letter to the camera. In PTP/MTP mode camera is visible as separate 'Device name' without drive letter. In the second case you need to transfer files to hard drive to use FastRawViewer.

It's definitely PTP/MTP mode. Thank you for clarifying.

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