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I'm a newbie who desperately needs a workflow process that works.  I also have Affinity photo, Topaz Studio 2 Luminar and Lightroom.  I have been thinking of replacing LR with Luminar to use Luminar's library features so I don't have to pay monthly. Right now I start out after a shoot by copying my card contents to folder on my my desktop drive (backed up with idrive) labeled by date and event. EG:  2020-3-15 Brush Hollow Then I import the folder in Luminar to cull. Then I export single photos to another folder so I can open them in Topaz and Affinity for post production. It is clunky and adds lots of extra work and I can only export .tiff files from Luminar so I lose my adbantage of processing raw files. I don't understand how to fit fastrawviewer in this process to make it easier. Got a process to share? Suggestions? Thanks!!

Copy images to your hard drive & CULL IMAGES FIRST WITH FAST RAW VIEWER. THEN import the keepers into your Library & during the import, rename, add meta data, etc.. DO NOT CULL IN YOUR LIBRARY as importing is slow as every library makes usually high quality preview jpegs first, which slows down the import process. THAT is the slow down & THAT is why Fast Raw Viewer is so good, because it produces high quality previews SO FAST ideally for culling out the crap!!!!!!
LOTS of workflow tutorials on the web, YouTube,, etc.. Just do a Google Search. And no way in H#LL would I use Luminar as a DAM / Library. Look at PhotoSupreme, Daminion or iMatch, or even DigiKam (bloatware IMO but good & free) or also free, darktable. You have been hoodwinked by hype over substance with Luminar.

Also, for workflow help, did you not read the home web page or Help files? On the home web page it pretty much tells you several times how use FRV & how to create a workflow, even has a workflow chart there. The entire idea of FRV is to CULL FIRST using FRV BEFORE using any other step in the workflow. There are also FRV YouTube videos, but start by reading the FRV web page(s) & Help

Ed is right. Your DAM-Tool comes AFTER Fastrawviewer.
One more suggestion for a simple and free(!) DAM: Adobe Bridge. It think many overlook it, but most of them will find almost everything they use in there. For Professionals it is a different story of course


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