Internal Embedded JPEG being used in Grid & Filmstrip Views?

I've noticed that with the exception of viewing my RAWs in 'Single Image' mode, some JPEG equivalent is being used for my images when they appear in Grid View / Filmstrip.
The images appear as I were enabling the option 'View internal (embedded) JPEG,' in both the Grid / Filmstrip. The RAW appears fine when viewed as Single Image. Is this by design and a normal function?
Also: any plans to add sliders to the UI to more easily change some options, such as Thumbnail size?
Thank you.

Grid/Filmstrip view always use embedded JPEG (or external JPEG if embedded JPEG is not present in RAW). It is not possible to render many RAWs in realtime on today hardware (even high end). RAW is displayed only in single view.

Thumbnails are generated with exact size to avoid double rescale w/ sharpness loss. So 'easy to access' thumbnail slider is not practical: it will slow down things a lot.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Understood. Thank you for the explanations.

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