Over Saturated images

Hi. When viewing my images on the FastRawViewer, all my images appear oversaturated. When I open my image from there into Captutre One, the image remains over saturated. When I import the image direct from SD into C1 the saturation is correct. Can anyone advise how I can correct this in the FastRawViewer program?

Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer doesn't modify raw files, and to the best of our knowledge doesn't communicate saturation to Capture One.

Could you please upload a sample file where you see this saturation effect to a file exchange service (some of the free ones are Dropbox, Google drive, WeTransfer) and e-mail us the link to it to support@fastrawviewer.com

We would also need to know what platform you are using, Mac or Windows, and the exact Capture One version.

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