Best PC settings for newbie

I've currently got the product on trial but I'm definitely going to purchase. I shoot with a Fuji X camera using both RAW and fine jpeg formats.
My PC is running Windows 10 with 16gb ram, i7 2700 CPU, 250 GB SSD, 1TD sata drive and recently installed Nvidia 1650 Super Tuff 4GB video card.
What would be the optimal options for viewing and culling images. These are my current settings.
Thanks in advance.

Forgot to say I will then be editing the RAW images in capture one.

Standard settings should be OK.  You may want to increase Preferences - Performance - Decoded RAW and JPEG cache sizes from standard 12/20 to something like 20/25.

Also, GPU Processing - Graphics Mode: OpenGL is usually slightly faster than others.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks Lexa.

Does a great job on RAW and Jpeg.  However, i hit a wall from RAW to TIff files...TOO large per your software.  Any suggestions

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