Image Sharpening in Grid Mode

I can't seem to get images to look sharp in grid mode. Is there a setting I'm missing?
Sharpening is Enabled and set to always on. Images are sharp when I go to single image view. I use gride mode after I do my first round Cull for another round, but it's hard to do when all the images look soft.

Grid and Filmstrips are displaying embedded JPEGs, scaled to thumbnail size. There is no sharpening options for thumbnails. Screen sharpening affects single file view mode only.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

While viewing my photos in Photomechanic in grid mode all the photos are sharp. In FastRawViewer they arent. Is there no setting that can fix this? Otherwise I'm going to have to do full sized viewing in FastRawViewer and then switch to Photomechanic for grid view. From what I understand PM uses the embedded JPG as well, so I'm confused on why FRV is so soft looking. I use Sony, that's why I switch to FRV. It would be unfortunate to have to use 2 separate programs. Even the Nikon files from my partner look soft in grid view in FRV so it's not just the small sony previews.

Dear Sir:

While viewing my photos in Photomechanic in grid mode all the photos are sharp.

If you are evaluating photos in single file view mode anyway, what's the point of sharpening in any thumbnail mode?

After doing a first round cull based on sharpness and expression, I do a grid view cull based on similarity. If 2-3 images are similar i get rid of 1 or 2 of them to reduce the number of images. When culling a wedding of 5-6000 images quicker to use this method then scrolling back and forth through single images.
I don't see how my method of culling has much to do with an issue with clarity of images in grid mode. 

Even if I evaluate them as sharp before grid mode... viewing soft images is still an issue when scrolling through them in grid mode. Staring at soft images for a long period of time is not easy on the eyes.

Dear Sir:

Understanding the worflow and its advantages is neccessary when deciding on implementing changes. 

Understandable. Thanks for the prompt responses.

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