Request - TIFF XMP Metadata

Hoping for your support in a future a future release.
User Story:
As a user, I would like the ability for FRV to read XMP blocks within TIFF files so that I can have a complete view of the metadata associated with my image files. TIFF is the standard image editing format since it supports 16-bits per channel as well as layers and compression. This means it is heavily used, and there will no doubt be many users who will apprecaite this ability. Writing XMP blocks to TIFF files may present challenges and potential file corruption, so this request is for read-only capabilities.
A/C - 

  1. XMP data should be parsed and presented to the user for a given .TIFF file. (XMP block directly within a TIFF file, not parsing a side-car .XMP for a .TIFF file)
  2. A checkbox / feature toggle under XMP preferences should be present that allows a user to enable or disable this capability to prevent unknown impact to existing workflows. Default of the checkbox should be unchecked.


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