PixelShift2DNG commandline

I have not been able to call Pixelshift2DNG from the commandline. Calling the executable directly from the commandline just launches the GUI. Is it possible to pass files and have them processed without the GUI?
I have tried on OSX and Windows (under WSL) .
The manual says: 
"Aside from the Select input Folder dialog and Drag-n-dropping something into the window, one can also pass files into the program via:• Running the program from the command line, indicating the necessary folders/files in the command line after the name of the file to be launched"
--Amazing software btw. The gui is clean and efficient.

Command-line-passed files (or folder) will appear in input folder section of the main screen. You still need to press 'Analyze + Convert all' button


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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