Can you enable/disable photo display by "display ranking checkboxes"?

Can you enable or disable the display of photos based on their ranking, via checkboxes of which ranks you want to see?
For example, if I only want to see rank 2 and 4 photos I'd like to specify that and only those ranked photos appear.
Then I can change my mind and want to see only rank 3 photos so I just change the check boxes for which rank(s) I want to see.
All of that is done without moving the photos or changing their sorted position.

Dear Sir:

Please use main Menu -> Panels -> Sort/Filter files (F8 is the default shortcut), as we show it here:

For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation  (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is fully searchable. You can also download it separately from - direct link is

THANK YOU!  This is truly a wonderful program!
The user interface is marvelously detailed with so many usable things that I'm really amazed.
I wish all the other software could be anywhere near this good!

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