Full Screen Image Preview on Monitor #2?

Happy June,
I know there is a way to drag the tool bars from the main window to create floating palettes on any monitor of choice. However, is there an option to have the currently displayed image appear full-screen on another monitor? I use a Macbook Pro + iPad as a second screen; I would love to have the currently viewed image appear full-screen on the iPad (or any other externally connected monitor). My preference is the palettes, grid, tools will be full screen on one monitor, and the image is full screen on the other. The floating palettes do not have any ability to become full screen in the current implementation.

Right now there is no such option. You may drag all needed panels to 'another' monitor and use Full screen (F key) + hide all panels (Tab key) shortcuts to display the only image on 'this' monitor.

These settings will help you to tune this kind of display:

  • Panels - Hide floating panels (default to not hide panels outside of Main window on Tab)
  • Panels - Hide bottom bar


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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