Camera serial number

When looking at my old photos taken with a Canon 60d, I can see the camera's serial number in the Exif.  However, when I look at photos from both my Olympus cameras (em5ii and em1ii), I cannot.  It is recorded as it can be shown by other apps, like XnView, which I'd prefer not to have to purchase.  Is there a setting that I need to toggle to make sure that my Olympus cameras serial values is show in the Exif data?  Screen shots are from Fastrawviewer exif panels and preferences.

Dear Silvia:

There is no field in EXIF panel dedicated to camera serial number currently ("gear" icon at the upper right corner of the panel shows available fields).

Thanks.  If I may ask, why does it show next to my Camera model for my Canon 60d, but does not for Olympus cameras?

Dear Silvia:

That is because of how Canon camera model is formatted; the serial number, if it is present, becomes a part of camera model field.

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