Possible to set to Single File Mode?

Hi Folks,
With FRV2.0, is it possible to have the interface defaul to the Film-strip at the bottom and have the "Toggle Singe File/Grid" to default to Single File?  I fidn that when I navigate to a different folder, the dispaly changes to grid and I have to keep clicking the Toggle button in the bottom tool bar every time.  Haven't found a way to have FRV default to this state and I'm sure I'm missing something...
Thanks for the help!

Preferences - Grid mode section:

  - uncheck Start in Grid mode

  - uncheck Browse folders in Grid mode to not switch to Grid mode when changing folder

You may also find Remember Grid/Single file state on exit usable too :)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks much, Alex!  I knew I was missing something trivially obvious... :-)

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