Dynamic Exposure Range

I'm just looking to understand how the raw histogram is made.
When I look at the raw histogram for a photo in FRV it is showing a dynamic range that goes from about -11 EV to about 4 EV. I assume that that is the dynamic range of my camera (1DX III). Is that correct?
How does FRV know the dynamic range of my camera?
Also Digger is showing me EV values for the sensor(s) in my camera.
Of course the EXIF data has the name of the camera model in it. Are you basing the EV values on your own compilation of camera sensor data processing?
I’m really beginning to like FRV

Dear Sir:

Dynamic range is not shown on the FastRawViewer histogram, only the range of raw values is shown.

Dynamic range is the ratio of the maximum reading (which is signal+noise) to the minimum reading (which is noise). Since different cameras and camera samples have different noise characteristics, since noise depends on the temperature, since the maximum signal is also not a constant (while with different standards the maximum signal is defined differently), etc. FastRawViewer doesn't show DR.

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