Setting under eposure limit

DXO says that the dynamic range of my camera  (1DX iii) at ISO 200 is about 13EV. So in preferences I’m setting ISO 200 Under Exposure Limit to 13 EV. At ISO 1600 DXO says the dynamic range is about 11 EV.
That means that FRV will linearly calculate the EV at ISO 100 to be about 13.8, which is close to what DXO says it is.
Is this the right way to set the under exposure limit for this camera?

Dear Sir:

Short answer is no.

At the bottom of dynamic range there is nothing but noise. To have a usably noise-free image one needs to take two factors into account - viewing conditions (mostly magnification) and personal noise tolerance. Subtracting two stops from DxO data may be a decent compromize.

Thanks, that's the approximation I was looking for


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