Any way to set rating without holding Alt key?

I am used to set rating in Lightroom with using my keyboard numpad and scratching my sack with other hand, when using FastRawViewer i have to use both hands and if i hold one finger on the alt key i hardly reach the numpad buttons with my pinky.

Is there way to switch "Alt+5" for rating to simply "5" ?

Yes, you can assign/change the key sequence for pretty much any action (exceptions are very few), please have a look at 'Setting the Keyboard Shortcuts' on

Here is a short video how this can be done:

A word of caution: please don't use _Selected and _Rejected folders when culling from a memory card as any intermittence or card fault can result in data loss. I treat memory cards as read-only media and set 'Verify file contents after copy' in FastRawViewer Preferences, 'File operations',

For your convenience, FastRawViewer manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is fully searchable. You can also download it separately from the usual download place:
direct link is:

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