Sony ARW Looks Fuzzy Compared to DXO PhotoLab

Hi all, I'm wondering if someone else has this issue too. Ver 1.7.8 on Windows 10.
My pictures were taken by Sony A7 (gen 1) and in ARW raw format. In this particular instance, the picture looks fuzzy in FRV compared to DXO PhotoLab 2. It's a little concerning because if I didn't look at it through DXO, I would have thought that I didn't focus correctly and thrown away the file. Any tips?

Raw converters in general, and PhotoLab in particular, apply sharpening behind the scene, FastRawViewer doesn't. Artificial behind-the-scenes sharpening doesn't help evaluating raw.

That said, you can use display sharpening in FastRawViewer (Menu – View – Screen sharpening (the default shortcut is S) and also through the USM button located on the bottom bar of FastRawViewer). Please have a look at USM controls are explained on

Also, you can have "process raw data on GPU" selected (and use OpenGL as graphics engine) and Preferences – GPU Processing – Image downsampling set to Area resize - please see and

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