"R" To Lightroom Classic

When I select some images and press "R", Lightroom opens and the import dialog shows.

Sometimes my selected images are checked within the LrC import dialog, and sometimes not - and I haven't discovered why this is so.
How can I consistently have my selected images checked for import every time?

'R' runs  Ligtroom.exe/Lightroom.app (Win/Mac) with selected files passed as application command line arguments.

This result in:

 - if Lightroom is not opened: opens Lr, opens import dialog, passed files are selected

 - if Lightroom is already opened: opens import dialog, no files (or single file) selected.

The second case (Lr already opened) worked in previous Lr version, but broken in the latest updated (by Adobe).

Replacement:  use drag-n-drop selected files from FastRawViewer to Lightroom, in this case import dialog shows passed files correctly.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you.

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