Does not see photo files on LeCie external hd but Mac OS Finder app does.

Having an issue with FRV seeing the media files on an external LeCie harddrive.  FRV sees the LeCie volume but message says no files.  On the Mac OS finder app I can see the all the files on the LeCie. What am I missing? Settings in FRV or on the Mac or on the LeCie. The LeCie is 5TB and it may take a while for FRV to sort but I have left the FRV app open for more than 5 minutes. Any suggestions. Thx

Ok, I tried something that may work. By right clicking on the volume name, I selected the Open Subfolder option and selected the starting browed level. Now the photo files show up.  I guess these photos are below 3 levels and FRV didn't see them as it may only check 3 level down. My photos are at level 4 in my photo files structure. Now to understand the nuances about this.

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