Shortcut for changing sort order?

As far as i can see, if i want to change sort order from File Name to File Date, i need to enable the side panels, then aim and try to click that small button Set File Sort Order, change the setting, then hide the side panels again. And, since i prefer to use mostly the mouse, i need to sacrifice one of my mouse buttons for the Show/Hide Panels shortcut.
Is there a more elegant and streamlined way to change the sort order on the fly, without more clicks etc (which are multiplied by x100 or even x1000 when you do this for hours, day after day)?

In the current version of FastRawViewer, the settings that are made through the panel menu are not available anywhere else.
It is doubtful that the sort setting should be set to a hot key: re-sorting can take a significant amount of time (especially in large folders), which violates the ideology of (instantly acting) hotkeys.
We'll consider alternative ways of setting file sort order if/when we get more similar requests.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks for considering it.

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