Fullscreen mode has border and is not 100% fullscreen

I encountered an issue when testing and i hope there is a way around it.
When i go "fullscreen mode", the image is not really fullscreen - there is a border of maybe 2 or 3 pixels on all sides around the image. The problem is that on my standard 4k monitor images that are standard 4k (fullscreen screenshots) are not shown 1:1 and the image is blurry (in all sampling modes).
Is there any way to remove the border around the image in "fullscreen mode"?

Yes, this is limitation of GUI toolkit we use: in real fullscreen mode overlay menus does not work under Windows in OpenGL mode, so fullscreen is really borderless window.

Consider using 100% zoom instead of fit-to-screen.

We'll consider an option to allow real full-screen in non-OpenGL modes.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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