Problem with _Selected folder.

Sometimes it would be faster for me to select the images that I want to keep than the rejects. If I am culling 1000 repetitive similar subject boring images, easier to click and pick or _Select the 25 I want than click 975 times for rejects
I created a _Selected subfolder that appears next (next on the card)  to the _Rejected Subfolder
I am left handed so created Keyboard shortcuts that make it easy or faster  to click the keys with my left hand on the desk.  A (approved) and X for reject ( if I would be rejecting images )
The problem is that I can quickly reject with X and images go to _Rejected folder without any problems but if I click A (for _Selected) nothing happens.
I changed the keys on the Customize-  Keyboard Shortcuts to various things but I can't get the images to move to the _Selected folder
Maybe my attempt at a new or different culling system is not possible? Am I doing something wrong?

Did you enable the use of this folder via Preferences - File Operations - Enable move to _Selected subfolder  ?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

That was it!! Thank you.

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