Filling the extra multi-windows to see JPG when jumping forward/backward

I would like to have the two multi-window always show the JPG version in addition to the RAW because my Fuji SOOC jpgs are often good enough to select keepers.
I figured out how to set the second window to jpg but I cannot quite understand how after rating/rejecting I can move to the next picture automatically updating also the corresponding jpg in Multi-Window 1. When using the arrow or space to move to next, the multi-window layout switches back to Two Windows rather than sticking to the setting Two Windows + copy current Picture to #1. 
I have read the manual and short cut definitions but do not quite get realized what I want without two button presses (arrow and then Option+Shift+B.
It would also be great to have the 4 window layout to show current plus last picture each in RAW and corresponding JPG. If there is a way, insights would be appreciated.

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