Feature Request (FastRawViewer): Navigation Window

Hello all,

first of all many thanks for your great products and excellent support!
I would like to have a small navigation window that shows a 100% view of the current image while displaying the "main" image at, say, 50%. In this navigation window, a small frame is displayed that can be moved by mouse, with which I can select the desired section.
I photograph many birds in flight, which are often, despite large focal length, far away and only when zooming in the image is displayed sufficiently large. The navigation window would be very helpful and is regularly used by me in Lightroom for this purpose!
As e.g. with Lightroom already available. See screenshot!

I would place the small navigation window on the left above the folder area.

Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

Unfortunately, I have not yet received a response to my request.
I hope that the presentation of the requested feature was sufficient to show you why I wrote this request. Or should I describe more details?
I would be happy if you could implement the requested customizations.
Thank you very much in advance!
With kind regards

Hello Alex,

I would like to ask again if you have already decided to think about a "Navigation Window"?
What is the current status?

Best regards


As mentioned in my previous reply: we (usually) do not comment our TODO list, our pipeline and/or work in progress until we have something to show.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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