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I have really been enjoying this software since I purchased about a month ago. The over/under exposure highlights are superb and are really helping me optimise a great starting point for the RAW before moving into ACR.
My request is for the picture shown in main viewer to update as a new file drops into the selected folder.
I can CNTL/SHIFT/F   to update the current files for selection howevr it would be really beneficial ( for me ) for it to happen automatically.
I use my Sony Camera tethered in my studio. I can use the Sony Imaging software to Tether and select the "destination" folder.
I can then point FRV to that folder too.
I take a shot and Sony Imagine updates and shows the last shot taken automatically. FRW will only updates  ( i believe) once i press CNTL/SHIFT/F. 
My prefered viewer is FRV. I can quickly assess Exposure / Histogram.
I used to tether into DXO Photolab much the same way,through the Sony destination foder. They had a "switch" in the viewing menu called "LIVE REVIEW"  but.....i wish now to View all exposures in FRV prior to LR.
Is this something that could easily set up in FRV?
(Disclaimer: I'm assuming it doesn't do this already. I've read through the preferences and guidance documents and don't believe I've missed it......... although I'm hoping i have :-)
Many Thanks

Dear Ronnie:

FastRawViewer's Hot Folder mode is designed specifically for this task: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag...

FastRawViewer manual is also available via Menu - Help - PDF Manual (to not download it each time)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hi Alex
Brilliant - Thank you for the the prompt reply, the detail and concise links.
I knew there was a possibility I had not seen it and I'm so glad it's already there. One heluva program.
Many Thanks

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