Browsing folders options in FRV?

Hi there,
I have subfolders in a larger main folder which I regularly add to, and then need to navigate straight away to that newly added folder. However within FRV the subfolder lists are always in alphabetical order. I'd like the subfolders to be sorted by date added/created instead. Is there a way to do this? Screenshot just to give an idea of what I mean..

The only folder sort order in FRV is alphabetical, either 'natural sort order' or pure alphabetical.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I always start my folder names with a coded date for this very reason. My folder names are:
yymm Any text
where yy is the year (eg 22 for 2022, 09 for 2009) and mm is the month (eg 11 for November, 09 for September) and 'Any text' describes the contents of the folder. You can see how these names will order themselves chronologically. It's a hassle to rename existing folders but very easy to maintain thereafter.

Hello FRV-Learner,

looks like I'm in the same situation: I want to quickly jump into the recently created or modified folder/directory.
The way I do this is by using the regular file manager (MAC: finder). After sorting or filtering the folders I just pick any file within the desired folder and "open with FRV". This is simple and doesn't need features within FRV which are already present in your operating system.

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