IPTC Metadata

I'm really enjoying FastRawViewer, but the only thing it's really lacking for my workflow is better IPTC metadata support. Specifically, keyword tagging and the ability to display and display & edit more IPTC fields in the metadata panel. I hardly ever use the IPTC-Title field, which is what the app maps to. Generally, I use IPTC-Headline for this, and I believe Headline is perhaps more commonly used with Lightroom, Capture One, and Apple as well. It would be nice to be able to re-map this in Preferences.
Also, does FastRawViewer support Apple Finder tags? If so, does it map these at all to the XMP color rating equivalent?
It would be a nice feature addition if the app would support writing the XMP metadata back into the RAW or JPG file as a batch option.

I agree on the keyword tagging. It can't be that hard to implement as a side car file.
My workflow is to FRV the files then open in Adobe Bridge to keyword and sort into folders. I often just go to Bridge skipping FRV.

Dave Lenweaver

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