"Move All selection to Rejected / Selected" shortcut

I didn't find any search tool, so I'm asking if there´s a way to move all selection (for example) to rejected / selected folders with a shortcut. I tried to search all over the options but can't find anything like that. The only way is using the mouse + right button but I woul prefer to do that by a keyboard shortcut. 
Is that possible? If not, would you please consider that for an improvement?

Dear Martino:

With default settings, shortcuts acts depending on context: single file in Single File View mode, multiple (selected) files in Grid View mode: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag...

It is possible to turn it off by unchecking  Preferences - Selection - Single file keys work for multiple files too

If unchecked:

  • Menu - Select will rename itself to Menu - Select/Batch
  • New Menu items will arrive in Menu - Select/Batch (batch copy/move, batch move to rejected, batch ratings/labels), these items will act on selected (checked) files only and available in all contexts
  • It is possible to assign shortcuts to these menu items via standard procedure: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag...

    Batch shortcuts are in Batch rotate/Batch label/Batch... sections in the Shortcuts Editor


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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