Batch Action: Create Project

I would find it useful to have a new batch action that performs the following sequence:

  1. create a new project directory
  2. copy the selected files to the new project directory
  3. rename the copied files per a rename template

All of the actions above are currently possible using FRV.  I find myself repeating these three actions every time I use FRV to cull photos.  It would be nice if they could be bundled up in a new batch processing dialog box that includes:

  • project name input box
  • option to use project name as folder name
  • ability to specify folder name (if not project name)
  • abilitity to specify and create subfolder in project directory (e.g., "Captures")
  • file renaming template that includes a new project name token

I'm not sure that anyone else would find this feature useful in their workflow, but I thought it was worth bringing up.  Alternatively, this could be accomplished via FRV scripting, but I didn't see mention of such a feature in the manual.
Thanks for an awesome product!  I've tried using many other DAM, Culling, and RAW Developer programs for my culling, but I always come back to FRV.  Nothing beats the combination of speed, features, and price.  Keep up the good work!

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