Feature Request -> add "Camera Auto/Auto" to WB options

Feature Request -> add "Camera Auto/Auto" to WB options

currently we have "Camera Auto/As Shot" - which is, one can assume, because some cameras do not have a provision to record auto WB in addition to manually set WB so some fallback is needed and "as shot" is always there ... 

however, for example, if one uses UniWB to shoot and different cameras (some that record Auto WB tags and some that do not) and wishes to browse not in UniWB mode but yet prefers Camera Auto ( when possible ) over FRV's own Auto then the option "Camera Auto/Auto (as a fall back)" is missing... "Camera Auto/As Shot" is not good because it will fall back to UniWB and "Auto" does not use camera's own Auto WB when availale.
Thank you 

Thanks for the interesting suggestion, we will consider adding this option in the next update (not in 2.0.6, but probably the next one).

We'll reply here when we'll have something to play with.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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