Feature Request: More Than 5 Color Labels

I use the Color Labels to identify the main subject in the photo.  For example, if I am photographed a music group, I would use one color label for the lead singer, another color label for the drummer, etc.
FYI Nikon's NX Studio has 9 colors...

I second this request - I am migrating from PM to FRV and I have some folders of partially culled photos where I have applied custom tags in PM in the past.  I had set up my PM Color Classes with the 5 Lightroom Colors plus three labels in Color Classes 6-8 (Cyan, Tan?, and Gray) that represent culling/workflow status.  When I now open the same folders of photos in FRV, the ones with the three additional labels are shown in FRV as Label = Not Set.  I need to be able to at least see those other label values in FRV, even if I can't add them to new photos.
I suspect the original requestor and I are not the only two users who use (or have used) more than 5 color label values.
At a minimum, it's dangerous for FRV show color label that has been set to an unrecognized value as "Not Set" because that could lead to loss of previously set data.
If this can't be a feature, does anyone know a workaround (besides opening each folder in PM and relabling the affected photos)?


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