Sorting pictures with drag and drop in grid view

I'm a new user and glad to have found this famous program for my pictures.
But one wish I do have:  It would be very nice, if it was possible, to sort the pictures
in grid view with drag and drop, I mean, z. B. the 10th picture to grab and to put it on position 2...
Then a new renaming and all would be fine!
I did not find this feature, or have I only overlooked this?
But very much thanks for this very quick and fine program!

Dear HG:

FastRawViewer does not write any database files, so it is unable to remember manually set file sort order position between sessions.

There are several sort orders available:

Application manual is also accessible via Menu - Help - PDF manual to not re-download it each time


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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