Scoll next/ previous image and alter size of filmstrip thumbnails

Apologies if these seem simple questions but I can't find any answer to either in the manual, blog or forum and they're fundamental to how I work.
How do I enable scroll to next/ previous image? Moving my mouse about the screen to find tiny arrows is too slow.
How do I increase the size of filmstrip thumbnails in single image view?

One may assign mouse scroll events to next/prev image using standard procedure:

To change Filmstrip thumbnail size use 'gear' menu for Filmstrip:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you @lexa. Mouse scroll is now just as it should be. I tried the gear icon but it didn't do anything till I realised it flies out on another screen, which was off! The resize works, but it's clunky, compared to what I'm used to. It gets the job done though.

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