Generic MTF / RER numbers for targets/images

First and foremost I've worked with imagery in a variety of organizational environments for decades. There are a few metrics we use to determine, before a human or analyst looks at something- if the imagery is good.
Those are "RER" (Relative Edge Response) and "MTF" (Modulation Transfer Function).

I shoot a lot of sports where I'll have 2-9 shots of an event. Yes, there's peak action and that usually excludes most of the rest.
However there are some events that I see where I need to know what sort of steady I've got while my old, aged, no-longer-18-year-old-nerves screwed up. And for that I'd like some metrics... which I know can be calculated.
I'll hit 30+ shots of a target that's stationary while holding my breath like a rifle shooter. If I had a tripod, I'd have put it on there and slowed it down. 
I can also use 'lucky imaging' to tear down the rest to make a good shot- but all I'm looking for is some RER or MTF scripts that can help save m 4 to 10 seconds per click to see if a captured image while sitting on the top of a car is good.
Thank ya'll kindly

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