FRV Not Responding on Startup

I have FRV version 2.0.7 on Windows 10.  When I startup, it's pretty slow to load, and is just immediatley "Not Responding."  If I click a menu and wait for a long time it will register the click.  But it's basically not usable.  I have a feeling it may be a problematic disk drive (  
I tried using the DisableFoldersOnStart.reg script and it seemed to work, but when I startup FRV it still shows the folder panel.  Did the script work?  Ideas for troubleshooting and finding the problem disk or fixing it? 
A note  - The biggest thing I notice when FRV isn't running is that when I click on a folder with pictures and I try to sort the green bar where the file path is can take a while to load / show it's finished processing.  I don't know if this is showing somehting going on with how files are indexed or if it's just normal for a folder with 500-5,000 pics. Lightroom is also having major issues anytime I try to import something, but works fine if I'm not on the import module.
Thanks for any help. 

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Please e-mail us, - we need screenshots and more details.

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