Feature request: different "Overexposure display" for each RGB channel

Could you consider adding overexposure display that will separately show each channel Red Green and Blue in different colors, perhaps RGB colors are good choice. Would be great to know wehere each overexposed channel is at the photo.
Also would be nice to separately chose for what channel Overexposure display is shown perhaps i only want to see green or blue channel overexposure.

Dear Sir:

Please try enabling "Overexposure Display" and press Ctrl-3 for Red channel, Ctrl-4 for Green channel, and Ctrl-5 for Blue channel. Pressing Ctrl-2 will get the composite back.

Quote from manual:

If some pixels of a channel hit the overexposure limit the values for such pixels are clipped.

FastRawViewer is using the following color scheme to spotlight the areas of overexposure:

• Magenta – areas where the green channel is clipped.

• Cyan – areas where only the red channel is clipped.

• Yellow – areas where only the blue channel is clipped.

• Blue – areas where both green and red channels are clipped.

• Green – areas where both blue and red channels are clipped.

• Red – areas where both blue and green channels are clipped.

• Black – areas where all 3 channels are clipped.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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